Wednesday's Kickabout

Every wednesday evening between 21.00 and 23.00 we play friendly futsal games at the Polideportivo Barrio Concepción with some beers afterwards. Costs are 4€ earch or you can buy a 10 game stamp card for 30 €. No need to be a good player, it´s just for fun and to get some practice. Signup here on the website. More info? Email

No upcoming games

We currently don't have any kickabouts planned. Please check on monday morning.


Everyone can sign up. In order to make it as fair as possible for everyone, there are a couple of rules:

  • If you sign up but don't show up you will still have to pay. (unless you have a good excuse).
  • It's not possible to withdraw from the list after 3 'o clock on wednesdays.
  • If you don't show up while being signed up several times in a row, you will be banned for a couple of matches.
  • The price you pay for the pitches is just to cover the costs of booking. It's not our goal to have profits, but if there are, they will go to the IFL Madrid funds.

Past games

Wednesday Kickabout - 21th of March - 21:00-23:00

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By Teun van Veggel
on Mon, 19/03/2018 - 11:38
2 days 8 hours ago

Another Kickabout this wednesday. No rain forecast! Max 18. 4€ each.

Signed up

1 Teun van Veggel
2 Lewis Carroll
3 Luc Ciotkowski
4 Alex123
5 madspd
6 Will Eaton
7 Steffen
8 Mark D
9 Peter Carlyle
10 Marvin
11 CallumSteel93
12 CHRIS AUSTIN (Jonny Hall)
13 Tunmise Balogun
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