Valencia, May 17-19

Valencia here we come! After a wee break we're organising another International Tournament, 17-19 of May. Join us for a weekend of party, football, and uh, party.

Get your tickets here.

Tell me more!

The International tournament has taken us to Barcelona, Porto, Benidorm, Granada... This year we're going to Valencia.

We play a one day tournament on the saturday with teams from Madrid and Valencia. 

  • You can sign up as a team or individually. We'll put teams together if necessary.
  • We will leave on friday afternoon 18.00 from Atocha train station in Madrid. (pending confirmation)
  • We'll get back to Madrid on sunday before 18.00.
  • The tournament itself will start on Saturday at 11 o' clock.
  • The exact location of the pitches remains to be confirmed.
  • More details to come.

So, how much is it?

Short answer:

94,50 € + 3€ sevice fees. That is when you buy you're ticket early and apply the 10% discount for playing in the league or on a wednesday.


Long answer:

This year we have 40 early bird tickets, to be booked before the 10th of december. After that regular pricing starts.

  Tournament Bus Hostel Total With Discount
Early bird
until December 10 - max 40
40€ 25€ 40€ 105 € 94,50 €
until januari 30
75€ 25€ 50€ 150 € 135 €
  • We would like to people to book the full package (including bus and hostel) but are giving people the option to leave out the bus and/or the hostel.
  • A 10% discount for those who play in the league or on wednesday. (You will receive a discount code).
  • There is a 3€ service fee for payment and the ticketing system. If we cancel, for whatever reason, you will get back everything, except those 3 euros.
  • If you need to cancel, then we might be able to reemburse you but it will depend on the numbers.

You can book here:

Where can I sign up?

This year we're using TicketTailor to handle the fees and registration. You can sign up here, using your credit card. Easy peasy.

Click here to register.

What if it gets cancelled?

It won't

But let's say it does. We could cancel because of lack of interest or other reasons. In that case will give you back your money minus the 3 € handling fees charged by Stripe and TicketTailor. 

If there's not enough people willing to take the bus, we might have to cancel only the bus, in which case will give you back the bus ticket and ask you to take care of your own transport.

Can I also pay by cash?

We prefer you to use the ticketing system, which is very straightforward. But if you insist, you can give the cash to Simon, Luc or Teun if that suits you better.. You will be entitled to early bird pricing if still availble on the website.

Can I sign up individually or do I need a team?

We want to welcome both teams and individuals. You don't need to be playing in the league. If only part of your team is interested, sign up anyway. We'll help you to merge your team with another. 


There is no disclaimer. We're doing this voluntarily and ask for your understanding if things goes wrong. Please bear with us. We'll try to make this as smooth, fair and cheap as possible.